The number of registered recruitment agencies in the UK has reached new heights and shows no signs of slowing. According to Recruitment Buzz, 2018 saw a 46% increase in company registrations year-on-year, taking the total count to just under 40,000 agencies.

There are a number of reasons why the industry is experiencing such phenomenal growth. A shortage in relevant skills has been cited as one reason, the harder it becomes to find and attract the right professionals, the more the requirement for external support in the form of a specialist recruitment agency increases.

But despite the positive growth the industry is experiencing, the decision to use an external recruiter has to be justified internally and make sense to the bottom line. So, why should you employ the services of a consultancy and how do you choose the right one for your organisation?

1) Saves you Time 
The recruitment process can be time-consuming, more so when it comes to senior hires. The beauty of using a consultancy means they will do the filtering and screening of CVs and candidates for you. If you want a shortlist of three outstanding candidates, meeting the agreed criteria, this is what a professional consultancy will deliver. You can also relax in the knowledge that they will have spoken to these candidates, met them face to face and will only put the right people through; making sure that precious commodity called time doesn’t get wasted.

2) Access To A Large Network
A reputable consultancy will have a large network of talent at its disposal, saving you expensive advertising costs by trying to reach them yourself. Once the hiring criteria has been established, consultants will be in a position to contact suitable candidates, including those who are not actively job hunting. This means that the range and quality of candidates being approached and shortlisted for a specific role will undoubtedly include professionals who the employer would not necessarily have access to. 

3) Niche Sector Knowledge
Many positions require specific skill sets. The more niche the role, the harder it will be to find suitable candidates. Consultancies who focus on these areas of expertise will instinctly understand the mandate, the role and the type of professional required to fulfil this. They will look beyond a CV, considering both hard and soft skills. An experienced consultant will look at a candidate’s personality, background and the cultural fit of the organisation as well as the level of experience they have. Furthermore, they will not rely on AI or algorithms to do the searching for you.

4) Negotiate On Your Behalf
An external recruitment agency will be able to help set the benchmark when it comes to negotiating the final package with the successful candidate. Not only does this save the employer time but the agency will be in a better position to understand where salary brackets lie across a specific industry and manage expectations.

5) Guarantee If Things Don’t Work Out
Occasionally in business things don’t work out as expected, leaving an organisation with the daunting prospect of having to start the whole process again. However, a reputable agency will provide the hiring company with a contract guarantee, meaning in the worst case scenario, they will either be responsible for finding a replacement or paying back fees.

Greybridge Search & Selection are specialists in the recruitment of Change, Transformation and Strategy Management professionals. We pride ourselves on doing all of the above and more but please don’t just take our word for it.