In our last blog, we looked at the positive growth that the recruitment industry is experiencing, but why the decision to partner with a recruitment consultancy cannot be taken lightly.

However, by choosing the right agency, the benefits to the hiring organisation are ample; including saving time and money, a tangible return on investment, access to a large network and benefitting from the agency’s niche sector experience. We speak to many professionals on a daily basis, who are looking to make their next career move. Unfortunately, for some, their impression of the recruitment industry is less than positive. Luckily, the ones to avoid can be easy to spot.

Whether you are actively seeking a new role or have been approached by a consultant recruiting for a specific role, here’s how a reputable specialist consultancy can make a positive difference to your career progression:

1) Honest Career Advice
Before putting you forward for a role, a decent consultant will spend time over the phone or face to face with you. In short, they will make an effort to get to know you. By doing this, your profile will stand out, you will be so much more than a CV or a name in a database. They will also be able to judge if you have the necessary experience at this point in time to progress within your chosen career, or if there are any gaps that need to be filled first. A good consultant will not waste your time putting you forward for roles that you have no chance of getting.

2) Improving Your CV
No matter how much time you have put into learning How to Write a Killer CV, a fresh pair of experienced eyes can really make the difference. A good consultant will be brutally honest with the quality and readability of your CV. Ultimately, it is a snapshot of who you are and the first thing that a future employer will read about you, so it needs to hit the mark. 

3) Access To A Large Network
According to research, 70-80% of jobs are never actually advertised! A reputable agency will have a large network of clients and will be privy to upcoming roles that aren’t necessarily being advertised. We find this is particularly true the more senior or niche the position.

4) Selling You
Referring back to point 1, a reputable consultant will make the effort to get to know you before putting you forward for an interview. This means that when they are compiling a shortlist of CVs for their client, they are able to convincingly discuss and ‘sell you’ to the client rather than just sending over your CV. A ‘personal recommendation’ is far more valid than a piece of paper. Here at Greybridge, we have successfully placed many candidates due to the positive relationships we have developed with clients and the trust they place on us, our knowledge and judgement.

5) Straightforward Feedback
Have you applied for a job directly and been to an interview, only to not hear back? After chasing HR, you finally get told two weeks later that you were unsuccessful, no feedback, just thanks but no thanks. When you go through an agency, not only will you benefit from support leading up to your interview; helping you prep, making sure you know where to go, where to park. It may sound inconsequential but all of these little things will definitely help with your stress levels on the day, but you will also get a proper debriefing following it. Should you be unsuccessful on this occasion, you will be told why and you will actually be able to learn from this experience ahead of the next opportunity that your consultant will put you forward for.

6) Negotiate On Your Behalf
When it comes to discussing the remuneration package, the process can be far more straightforward if a consultant does this for you. They will be able to benchmark what the hiring company is offering and ensure the package being proposed is competitive. If not, they will be able to discuss and negotiate a more attractive salary on your behalf.

Greybridge Search & Selection are specialists in the recruitment of Change, Transformation and Strategy Management professionals. We pride ourselves on doing all of the above and more but don’t just take our word for it.