The trend across many sectors is leaning towards the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). From Amazon Go Cashierless outlets to robots on the factory floor. It hasn’t quite taken over the world, yet, but it could be on its way. Forbes article on the 10 Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Use Today makes for an interesting read. However, written just over two years ago, parts of it already seem outdated, technology is moving that quickly.

No industry or sector will be left untouched by this modern phenomenon. According to Undercover Recruiter, AI is expected to replace 16% of jobs within the next 10 years. But just because the technology exists, is it always the right decision to incorporate it into your business? Could an over reliance on AI in certain industries change the very essence of what that business has to offer, a personal touch which ultimately makes them so unique?

We believe the service Greybridge offer both clients and candidates cannot simply be replaced by a machine. Yes, using technology and algorithms to sift through all the CVs we receive would definitely free up time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

But what if something got missed? What if the candidate’s CV fell short, didn’t cover all the right areas or include enough key words. What if we lost a really good candidate because they didn’t fit the algorithm?

Tech is certainly cheaper than an experienced recruiter. Unfortunately, we can see too many examples of hiring processes where the person who ultimately got the job wouldn’t have done, had there been AI or data science involved. We’ve also seen examples of technology led processes that clearly haven’t factored information regarding a candidate’s past. Had this been part of the criteria, that person would never have been hired.

So does AI have its place within recruitment? When we discussed this topic with our clients and candidates, they have overwhelmingly agreed that although they can see the benefit of using some technology to streamline and speed up the process, they do not want to lose the ‘Human Touch’.

Don’t underestimate the value put against the support, confidence and trust that is built up with a personable consultant in this industry. A confidence-boosting chat just before an interview, honest feedback and support given when a client has said ‘no’, career guidance, meeting specific needs and requirements of busy clients. None of this is possible when dealing with a chatbot over a flesh and blood consultant. Particularly when working with a specialist consultant, who operates solely in one market, an expert in their field with an extensive network to draw from. How can this level of service be compared to a computer or a more general recruiter?

So yes, there is a place for AI in this industry but the real question is not whether it is incorporated into a business but how?

To assist and help or to takeover? At Greybridge we know the first-class service we provide, the genuine happiness we see when candidates get their dream job and clients a successfully completed mandate means for us, the ‘Human Touch’ will win over every time.