Contract Project Manager, IT


“Leah instantly understood what I wanted with my next contract project manager role and knew what she was talking about…”


We were recommended to Louis from a previous contractor. His contract was coming to an end and he was looking to take on something new. We had been working with a client for some time and knew they were looking for an EPOS Project Manager, so the timing was ideal. We introduced Louis into the project and the interview process was very quick. He actually got the position from just a telephone interview and the recommendation from Greybridge.

How Did You Meet Greybridge?

I was actively job hunting at the time when Greybridge approached me. I was interested in a specific role I had seen advertised. Leah already had a relationship with this client, so it became apparent that the best way forward would be for Leah to represent me. The client was suitably impressed by what she had to say, which basically secured me the role.

Any Reservations?

When Greybridge approached me, my existing contract was coming to an end. Up until then, I was permanent and had worked with a couple of larger agencies. Leah instantly understood what I wanted and knew what she was talking about so I was happy for to liaise with this particular client on my behalf.

Your Greybridge Experience?

I have always found Greybridge to be open, honest, efficient and personable. It can be risky working as a contractor and I have been left uncertain with other agencies over specific details about the role, package and payment schedules. Greybridge are the complete opposite! They are very competent, automatically sending emails to keep you informed, without you having to ask.

How Do You Rate Greybridge?

In my experience, the larger agencies I have dealt with have come across as somewhat obnoxious and it can be all about the hard sell. I have had first-hand experience of agencies being dishonest to both clients and candidates, something I have never had with Greybridge. Anytime I have any problems or questions, Greybridge respond immediately.

Would You Change Anything?

Only with other agencies! The information flowed freely, I was kept informed every step of the way. Details of the interview were provided. From start to finish it was all very smooth and efficient. It is exactly what I would have hoped for, so no, nothing I would change!

To Conclude

Greybridge are my first call when I’m looking for work. I am currently working with Leah again to secure a new contract. I wouldn’t limit myself to one agency because it does depend on roles they have coming in. However, out of the three I work with, they have most impressed. I have recommended Greybridge and Leah to all my colleagues.