Head of UK Recruiting, Management Consultancy (Technology)


“Richard was always very professional and kept communication open.”


We were in touch with a member of the senior team of their parent company who mentioned that they were struggling to find someone with the right mix of subject matter expertise and entrepreneurship, to lead their Life Sciences Strategy Consulting Team. After connecting with the HR team and delivering a shortlist of three candidates the right person was clear from the outset. After meeting the wider leadership team, our candidate started the role as Partner – Life Sciences Consulting EMEA in April 2018.

 How Did You Meet Greybridge?

We were in the process of interviewing a Life Sciences candidate. Unfortunately, it had all been fairly long and drawn out, resulting in the candidate declining the role. Greybridge was already in touch with our parent group and we are the managing consultancy arm. Richard had a suitable candidate who was referred internally to us. It was perfect timing really.

 Any Reservations?

Having worked with a lot of headhunters, I’ve had mixed experience to be honest. The initial call I had with Richard was really thorough and we both set out our best practices. I discussed any previous experience of working with agencies with him and areas/ bad practices that definitely couldn’t be repeated. We agreed on the most beneficial way of working together and went from there.

 Your Greybridge Experience?

Richard was always very professional and kept communication open. I never had to chase Greybridge for feedback, information or candidate availability, he was always very proactive and transparent. It was a mutually respectful relationship.

 How Do You Rate Greybridge?

Setting the expectations from the beginning and getting the communication right, really helped the process run smoothly. We both adhered to this and both came from the same point of view; we wanted to make the process as good as possible for everyone involved and place the right candidate into the role.

Would You Change Anything?

When you are recruiting at such a high level, it is always going to take time to complete the process. We had to conduct a number of formal/informal interviews with the candidate and arrange for Senior Executives to meet with her before offering the position. However, Greybridge kept the candidate engaged and informed throughout the process, resulting in a very successful placement.

 To Conclude

A good experience, it went as smoothly as it could and I would definitely recommend Greybridge and use again.