We were contacted by the Head of HR Systems and Processes at DLA Piper, as they were about to embark on the implementation of a new global HR system, Taleo and Oracle Fusion. They needed a HR Change team who would be able to offer support on a country by country basis. Having acquired numerous companies over the years, the organisation found they were all working in silo to their own individual legal processes and systems. At this stage, they didn’t have anyone within the organisation with the depth and understanding required on a global scale.

The Project:

Our client needed to recruit a Head of IT Programmes to give the organisation the global cohesiveness it required. The team was going to be a mix of contract and permanent positions.

Titles included:

HR Process Mapper

Head of IT Programmes

Business Analyst

Project Manager

Oracle Fusion Specialist

Business Objects specialist.

PMO Lead

HR Project Manager.


This was an exciting programme for anyone in HR Change to work on. The clients sector was quite immature within the field of HR and IT Change so we helped educate them by highlighting leaders in that area. We focused our search on candidates from a range of different backgrounds and not just those with legal experience. The sophistication of the HR system being introduced meant they we were able to attract the right candidates relatively easily. However where we were really able to add value was by providing guidance and advice to the client on the rates/salaries, working arrangements and flexibility of location they needed to offer in order to ensure the positions would be accepted.


We were able to fill a number of the roles and advise on merging and utilising people within the team, to fill the other gaps. A number of internal changes at DLA Piper meant they had to downscale the programme for a couple of months but were still able to successfully implement a new recruitment system, team and process.