IT Leadership Team Build


We were asked by Anna Barsby, then CIO of Halfords, to assist with upskilling and reorganising her leadership team. Anna had identified several skillset gaps in her leadership team and some areas that she wanted to upskill, notably the Project and Change capability.

The Project:

Working with Anna, we advised on skillsets available in market and assisted with drawing up job descriptions and salary gradings. In total 9 permanent roles were created as part of the restructure, with 5 forming part of Anna’s leadership team.

Titles included:

Deputy CIO

Head of Service

Head of Digital Programmes

Head of IT Security

Head of PMO

Head of Development

Senior Business Analyst

Project Manager

Systems Analyst


Using market mapping and headhunting we built a long list of the best talent in the market, making sure to provide the best retail talent where this was important and the best sector agnostic talent where that was appropriate. Anna is well known as a champion of diversity, so creating diverse shortlists was also a consideration. We then conducted our own interviews and supplied no more than 3 candidates per role, to limit the time that Anna and her stretched team would have to spend interviewing.


We placed all 9 roles with our first shortlist. Our average CV to hire ratio was 42%. In 2015 Anna was awarded the No. 1 spot in the CIO 100, the Deputy CIO we placed was awarded the No 1 spot for Deputy CIO’s. Anna mentions us in her acceptance interview as the agency who helped her to put together this award-winning team.

Since then we have continued to support Halfords with staffing out their IT Programme and Projects, placing a total of 71 people with the business. In 2016 Anna left Halfords and joined Morrisons, where we continue to support her.