Partner Search


Finding the right candidate to fill a position at partner level can be challenging. When a senior member of the Infosys team informed us that their Managing Consultancy arm was having some difficulties recruiting for this key position, we were connected to the HR team to help them complete this remit.

The Project:

Upon initial contact, we spoke to the Head of UK Recruiting in depth about the type of candidate they were searching for including experience, skillsets and personality. It was also crucial to discuss best working practices for both companies to ensure the process could run as smoothly as possible. Once this had been agreed, we set to work to find the perfect partner match for Infosys Consulting.

In addition to a deep technical understanding of Research & Development, the right candidate needed to be an outstanding networker due to the complicated nature of the internal structure.


We assembled a short list of candidates who were already known to us from industry, having previously placed them, recruited for them or at least met them. This was delivered to the client within two weeks.

The process for the placement of a senior position can often take a number of months. Naturally a candidate may start to feel impatient or lose confidence in the company and role they are being considered for. Keeping the candidate engaged, informed and motivated throughout this process is crucial.


We knew early on that there was one outstanding candidate, after the business took the time to introduce her to numerous internal stakeholders. This did prolong the time it took the candidate to receive a firm offer but ultimately led to a very successful placement.