Life Sciences, Partner


“Richard has a solid understanding of his sector and all the roles, he is easy to work with and very straight forward.”


We were approached by a well-known Professional Services brand who was having difficulty finding the right person to run their EU Life Sciences Advisory business. Working in conjunction with the client and after carefully considering our network, we identified three candidates for a shortlist, Deborah became the clear choice from the first interview and was the only person progressed through any further.

How Did You Meet Greybridge?

One of my contractors knew of Greybridge and I had an initial chat with Richard some time ago and developed a relationship. I wasn’t actively job hunting at the point when he approached me but I had used Greybridge to recruit into my team. I had been in my role for four years and I guess the timing was just right to find out more.

Any Reservations?

I didn’t have any concerns as such but having received many calls from headhunters over the years, you do become a little bit reserved or cautious as to whether they are wasting your time.

Your Greybridge Experience?

Richard is always very diligent and open with his communications. An awkward situation could have arisen as Richard discussed a number of suitable opportunities with me but I was also approached directly by one of his clients. I knew I could be honest with Richard about this. He is always professional and sensible with how he deals with these things, He had a very good relationship with the client, which helped everything run smoothly.

 How Do You Rate Greybridge?

I have always found this consultancy to be open and honest. Richard is good at getting clarification from his clients. He has a solid understanding of his sector and all the roles, he is easy to work with and very straight forward.

 Would You Change Anything?

At this level particularly, the process can be long and complex.  This isn’t at all the fault of Richard or Greybridge but it can be frustrating. To his credit, Richard kept the whole process going, kept me fully in the loop and encouraged me to keep going when I really didn’t know whether I would get the role or not.

 To Conclude

I love the proactive attitude that exudes from Greybridge. Without a shadow of a doubt, if a time does come when I am thinking of moving on, Greybridge will be my first port of call.