PMO Consultant


I like their honesty, the fact they stay in constant contact and unlike many agencies, will touch base even if they haven’t got anything.”


We have a long history of working with this valued client/candidate. We initially placed Helen as a contractor at a key client, which led to a permanent hire. We then worked together to help her build her team in the PMO. Helen’s fantastic understanding of all the programmes made our candidate search much easier. Due to personal reasons, Helen exited the business in 2018.

At a similar time, a relatively new client contacted us to assist with their search for a PMO Consultant, as they were about to embark on a huge MS Dynamics Transformation. We knew this role would be perfect for Helen. After discussing her profile with the client, it was apparent they needed her to set up the governance on the programme and were able to offer Helen a part-time role which worked around her family commitments.  Helen continues to be a valued client in her new role.

How Did You Meet Greybridge?

I first met Matt Neale when he was setting up Greybridge and I now have experience of working with Greybridge as both a client and a candidate.

 Any Reservations?

I had a few concerns, the previous agency I worked with had actually gone bankrupt which meant a few of my contractors didn’t get paid for a number of weeks, not great for morale! Therefore, I was a little apprehensive but had high regards for Matt and at this stage as a company, we had recruited 20+ contractors through Greybridge so I knew this wouldn’t be an issue.

 Your Greybridge Experience?

When using Greybridge as recruiters, they 110% find the best person. Not only candidates who will fit the role but will best fit the team. They take into account the dynamics of the team and the culture of the company. I like their honesty, the fact they stay in constant contact and unlike many agencies, will touch base even if they haven’t got anything.

 How Do You Rate Greybridge?

We pay so consultants can do the candidate screening for us. When I say shortlist, I mean a proper shortlist! I don’t want a list of 20 candidates. If I ask for 3 then I expect to get 3. This is what ultimately sets Greybridge apart from every other agency I have I worked with. They provide you with a shortlist of candidates who really do fit the bill.

 Would You Change Anything?

Nothing I have experienced so far, I would just hope that as the team expands and changes, the excellent standards and personal touch they offer is maintained.

 To Conclude

I went from client to candidate! Leah knew the role she had would be just right for me and was able to use the strong relationship she had with the client to secure an interview for me. I will always turn to Greybridge for all my recruiting needs. They are able to read between the lines to extract the necessary information from clients so they can put forward the right candidates. This way, no one’s time gets wasted.