Senior Manager, Professional Services


“Richard made the point of meeting face to face, something you rarely get with other agencies.”


A strong candidate who was keen to develop a career in Consultancy, post MBA. However, without any previous experience, we knew she wouldn’t make it onto a shortlist to get in front of clients. Not one for giving up, we stayed in touch providing advice and support to the candidate to help her get on the path within her chosen field.

How Did You Meet Greybridge?

I’m pretty sure I responded to a job alert, resulting in Richard and me making contact. However, at this stage, I didn’t have any consultancy experience. Rather than waste my time, he explained that without any experience in this field, he wouldn’t be able to put me forward for roles. Instead he provided me with advice on what I needed to do to get into this industry. So, I set up my own consultancy business and then took on a role with a smaller consultancy, to build on the industry knowledge I already had under my belt.

Any Reservations?

You do tend to get contacted by headhunters for a whole host of useless roles, as the motivation for the recruiter is simply to get somebody in front of clients. Unfortunately, most of the time these roles are wildly inappropriate. Richard discussed two-three suitable roles with me and they all could have been right.

Your Greybridge Experience?

At the start of the application process for a job move, Richard made the point of meeting face to face, something you rarely get with other agencies. It meant we got to know each other better so when entering this process, I felt I had an advocate who could talk about me as a human, not just as an algorithm that fits the spec.

How Do You Rate Greybridge?

I always get the impression that recruiters have a list of questions that they reel off. Generally you can hear them going down the form. With Richard, it was an open, honest, authentic conversation. He may have had a list of questions but that’s not how he came across. He really wanted to know about me and what I wanted from my next role.

Would You Change Anything?

It was ultimately a very long process which was not the fault of Greybridge. It took almost 5 months from interview to me actually walking through the door and starting the role, so a long time! Thankfully, Richard was always there at the end of the phone, keeping me informed of progress. 

To Conclude

I feel very comfortable dealing with Richard / Greybridge. If you work with Greybridge, you’ll get the right job. You genuinely have a partner in that process, not just a service provider.