Whilst in the midst of organising this year’s ‘teambuilding’ effort, we stopped to consider why we actually do this. A jolly? An escape from the office? Because we think we should? Perhaps all of these reasons play a part in our decision-making but there is much more to it. Investing time into our team’s development, whilst involving them with the shaping of the company’s future, will naturally help improve employee engagement and retention.

Of course we need to consider the financial costs of this type of activity, both tangible and intangible. However, when we looked at the costs versus the benefits, it was a no-brainer. This is why we can whole-heartedly justify two days away from the daily grind; we still take/make urgent calls of course!

So what do we, as a company and team, get from a dedicated teambuilding event:


1) Getting to know each other better

It might sound cliché but away from the office and day to day, people tend to relax and open up. It gives employees an opportunity to get to know each other and talk about subjects other than work. This is even more beneficial when you have members of staff who work remotely or part-time.  It’s a chance for stress levels to reduce as you are able to leave that important project behind for a day or two. We see it as a real opportunity for all members of staff to really feel like they are a valuable part of the team.


2) Improved Working Relationships

It goes without saying that the more you get to know each other, communication and collaboration in the workplace will undoubtedly improve. If you feel comfortable  around your colleagues, the working environment will feel more relaxed and employees will be more engaged. They will also be more likely to assist each other when required and in turn be more productive. A friendlier atmosphere will naturally have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the team and on the business as a whole.


3) A Chance To Understand and Help Shape The Company’s Future Plans

This type of event provides the perfect opportunity to focus on the future of the company. We always incorporate a brainstorming and strategy development focus into the day. A chance to reset, share ideas, voice opinions, focus on the bigger picture and for everyone to have their say. The more involved the team can be with developing the company’s future, the more committed they will be to the company achieving their goals and objectives.


4) Opportunity to Focus on the Team Dynamics and Interaction

Creative workshops and guest speakers can be extremely beneficial within a teambuilding event. We have run both Myers Briggs sessions to a more light-hearted ‘Come Dine With Me’ activity. Much can be gained from formally looking at the team dynamics as well as enabling them to bond by just having a laugh together. By understanding the differing personalities that make up a team can help equip leaders with the information needed to develop individuals. Any gaps in a team can also be identified and help with future internal recruitment.

5) Creativity Sparks Creativity

The time away from the office, from the formal brainstorming sessions to the casual time spent chatting and socialising is all invaluable. Who knows what might come of it and how even small ideas can grow to help develop business plans and foster innovation. A succinct, engaged company is one that will return refreshed and able to drive the business forward. Enthusiasm, commitment and motivation are all attributes expected from us by our clients and candidates, but to be able to deliver this, our team needs to feel this way.

We spend a considerable amount of time at the office working alongside our colleagues. The office environment plays a crucial part in employee retention and engagement. Being made to feel valued and appreciated is vital to the well-being of the team. If you are motivated and happy, you are more likely to engage with your job, the company and be the best you can be. This in turn, puts us in a stronger position to represent and fulfil our clients and candidates requirements. We know this will also have a direct positive impact on the bottom line. This alone is worth a couple of days spent together out of the office.

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